Cryptocurrency epically hacked

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Most exchange hackers are not.

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What resulted instead was a of the year, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, MailChimpTwitter, and with a comprehensive ledger of transactions made in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or other.

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They HACKED my crypto wallet... DON'T DO THIS!!!
Bitcoin's Epic Downhill Slide � The Reversal of Ad Bans by Google and Facebook � The SEC's Denial of the Gemini ETF Application � A Gajillion Hacks. What would cause Bitcoin to truly fail? Few things I can think of: * Exchanges being hacked, coins stollen, exchanges out of service. They would then go on to breach HackingTeam so epically that they essentially left the company to slow bleed and ultimately shut down. ASCII.
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Once you have the base web of trust set up, you can layer other types of trust on top of it, like returns-borrowed-tools-undamaged trust and other things that lower the cost of doing business. I think that's just human nature. Also, selling unregistered securities is illegal. If you click and buy any of these from Amazon after visiting the links above, I might get a commission from their Affiliate program.