Ethereum gold ormus

ethereum gold ormus

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Local entrepreneurs tout the benefits of eating gold
Harmonic Innerprizes Etherium Gold is a monatomic trace element: the only monatomic gold product that has been clinically researched for efficacy. Ten milligram of pure gold foil was given by mouth for 16 days. Routine blood chemistry was done before and after gold therapy and repeated after 3 weeks of. Unveiling the potential of Monatomic Gold for brain balance, high performance, wellness, and spiritual awareness. Learn about its impactful role in overall.
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Because the valence electrons are unavailable, it is impossible to use standard analytical chemistry techniques to identify a monatomic element. It was determined that the ground where the herb was being harvested was rich in monatomic gold, and that its root structure, absorbing these monatomic elements into its cellulose was responsible for its benefits. From alchemical understanding, I suspect that similar chemical reactions still occur but at a much reduced rate.