Good rate of return trading cryptocurrency

good rate of return trading cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase (COIN %) make it fairly easy to buy and sell crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC %) and Ethereum (ETH %). Crypto ROI is a valuable metric, but it has its downsides. Learn how to automatically and accurately measure ROI's more accurate counterpart � crypto IRR. Rate of return can be a useful tool in crypto trading, as it can help you assess whether a particular coin is a good investment. By calculating.
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For a cryptocurrency to be a successful investment, you must get someone to buy it from you for more than you paid for it. Patience and diligence remain key virtues for participatnts in this burgeoning new world of digital assets and decentralized finance. The most common method is simply dividing the total gain or loss on an investment by the amount of money originally invested. Stay objective, think long-term, and keep crypto's risks in perspective relative to your overall finances.